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Up to four Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v4 and v3 product family providing dense 4-socket performance and scalability
2 and 4 CPU configurations are supported
Up to 22 cores per CPU


48 DIMM slots
Maximum of 3.0 TB
Maintains memory performance even as capacity grows

Adapter slots:

3 configurable adapter slots support 160 Gbps bandwidth:
VIC 1340 supports dual 4 x 10 Gbs Unified I/O ports, Port Expander supports 4 x 10 Gbs Unified I/O ports, and VIC 1380 supports 8 x 10 Gbs Unified ports, for a total of 160 Gbps

SFF drive bays:

Up to 4 hot-pluggable SFF drive bays
Optional 2-GB flash-backed write cache

Additional storage support:

2 SD card slots (external)
1 USB 2.0 port (internal)

Form factor:

Full-width blade server mounts in a Cisco UCS 5100 series blade server chassis. Up to four UCS B420 M4 blade servers can be installed per blade server chassis.

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