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Based on ETERNUS DX standard architecture:

Performance optimized design
Proven and mature technology
System availability of 99.9999%
Common management across all-flash and hybrid ETERNUS storage systems

Flexible and flash optimized storage:

Ultra-low response times for all applications
Massive increase of IOPS
No complicated tuning measures required
Scalable in capacity and connectivity

Selective use of deduplication / compression:

Decide on volume label whether to use it or not
Cost reduction for flash
Increased lifespan of flash

Automated Quality-of-Service:

Control of applications priorities according to business needs.
Automation of monitoring and adjustment
Minimization of admin efforts
Guaranteed service levels

Storage Cluster Option/Transparent failover:

Avoid planned or unplanned downtimes
Enjoy 100% data insurance and non-stop operations

Convincing access performance and latency:

Random access performance: Up to 430,000 IOPS (4 KB Blocks)
Sequential access performance: Max. 12 GB/s (128 KB Blocks)
Latency: Less than 1 ms (4 KB Blocks)
Sufficient performance for all applications requiring high data rates and low response times


All-Flash Array


Write 60 ms, Read 160 ms (Minimum)

Sequential access performance:

760,000 IOPS (100 % Read, 4 KB Blocks)

Random access performance:

430,000 IOPS (100 % Read, 4 KB Blocks)

Host Interfaces:

Fibre Channel (16 Gbit/s, 32Gbit/s)
iSCSI (10 Gbit/s, 10 GBASE-T)
iSCSI (10 Gbit/s, 10 GBASE-SR)

Maximum Disk Drives:


Maximum Storage Capacity:

737 TB

No. of host interfaces:

4/8 ports [FC(16Gbit/s, 32Gbit/s), iSCSI(10Gbit/s)]

Max. no. of hosts:


Supported RAID levels:

0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, 6

Drive interface:

Serial Attached SCSI (12 Gbit/s)

Thin Provisioning:


Automated Storage Tiering:


Remote Copy functionality:

Synchronous and asynchronous

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