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Open standards at enterprise-class service levels:

Dramatic reduction of integration costs and risks
Seamless management for Ceph and the entire system hardware
Consistent lifecycle management reduces maintenance workloads
One support partner mitigates operational risks

Unlimited scalability of capacity and performance:

Scalability on demand reduces investment in unused capacity
Standard storage nodes balance speed, costs and space
Constant high performance for maintaining service levels
Supporting all data formats enables high consolidation results

Zero downtime architecture:

Uninterrupted operations ensure access to data at any time
Minimum tuning required – always the right service level
No downtime for maintenance tasks or system enhancements

Immortal system:

Three times extended lifecycle compared to conventional systems
Stable and consistent service levels
Dramatic migration cost savings

Extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO):

Cost savings for evaluation, implementation and operations
Predictable costs even in light of unpredictable growth
Lower TCO per gigabyte than conventional high-capacity systems


Hyper-scale storage

Storage management:

Fujitsu’s GUI management console

Host connectivity options:

CEPH Object, CEPH block device

Max. no. of storage nodes:


Storage node types:

Flex Nodes

Max. throughput:

1 GB/s including all redundant data copies

Application interfaces:

KVM, Swift, S3, CephFS (on special release request), OpenStack

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