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High Density Tape Automation:

Ultra-compact product with up to 560 slots in 42 height units
Up to 42 LTO drives with SAS or Fibre Channel interface
Ensures user-friendly and secure backup and archiving
Minimizes administration efforts while saving time and money
High data throughput reduces dramatically the backup time

Broad Scalability and Flexibility:

Scalable from 80 to 560 slots by adding another expansion unit
Up to seven modules with up to six drives and 80 slots per unit
Up to six partitions per unit possible
Easy upgrade to increase storage capacity and performance
High investment protection
No hidden costs because all slots per module activated
Build up independent libraries out of one system
Allows to serve different application environments in parallel

Easy Management:

Remote management utility and user friendly operator panel
Up to ten mail slots per module
Barcode reader
Automatism help to decrease the error rate of backup processes
Easy administration enables configuration and diagnostic from everywhere
Quick input and output of up to 70 cartridges
Short initialization time thanks to slot barcodes

Data Security:

Encrypts data autonomously with hardware encryption through LTO drive
Encryption key management via tape library or KMIP
Supports WORM media
Guarantees high data security
Minimize administration costs with central key management
Fulfills compliance regulations


Tape system with LTO technology

Drive type:


Total capacity native:

200 — 1,400 TB
480 — 3,360 TB
960 — 6,720 TB

Number of slots:

80 − 560

Number of tape drives:

1 — 42 HH

Tape system interface:

Fibre Channel

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